Friday, March 2, 2012

Personal Experiences: Mental Illness Happy Hour

I stumbled across this podcast while looking for appearances/interviews of two of my favorite comedians, Adam Carolla and his former radio show co-host, Teresa Strasser. The host, Paul Gilmartin, most famous for TBS' Dinner and a Movie, is often a guest on Carolla's top-rated podcast. Gilmartin admits on the podcast to being a long sufferer of depression and talks with other comedians, entertainers, and every day folks about how depression, anxiety, addiction etc. manifests itself in their lives and in many ways how it contributed to their creativity.

It is interesting to hear other people's perspectives, experiences with medications and talk therapy etc. in an ultimate effort to let others know "You Are Not Alone." Podcasts are also one of those intimate mediums where you feel an immediate connection with those you are listening to, as if you were simply overhearing a conversation between people you know. The best part is that as Gilmartin and guests are not 'mental health professionals' you are spared any clinical talk.

I highly recommend a visit to his website,, where you can stream the episodes and is also a forum to discuss the shows.

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  1. Hey I'm algernon over in Mentalpod forum. I also anonymously commented on your poster, "take what you need" which I thought was really warmly intelligent. I came back to write this after reading your second posting. You are a very positive young person and I think everything should work well for you as you sort out our crazy world for what's really important.

    I have the greatest music in the world on now, Rachmaninov and I'm in the deep night, content online after a pretty productive late starting day. I assure you that at age 57, my age and after many old mistakes and surely some heavy realities to come, life remains sweet. So you stay rational(Albert Ellis)and ride the wave just the way you like to.

    Best to you MC. I'll try to visit your blog after a fine first look.

    algernon of mental pod.

  2. M.C.,
    Thank you so much for your nice words about the podcast. I hope to change the stigma about mental illness, as well as our access to medical care and therapy. It's an illness that sends more ripples than any other physical malady, yet it's pushed to the side as if it's not that serious. We need more advocates like you!

    Paul Gilmartin