Speak Up (Resources)

The important part of the struggle with any type of mental illness is finding your voice and speaking up about it. Battling your feelings of wanting to isolate yourself, feelings of shame, and often even people not understanding or believing you...you have to be true to your experience. Make people listen to you, including doctors, as you explain how are you feeling and ask them for their support.

It is easier said than done. However, after that first person, at least it is easier to tell the next person.

Here are some cool websites that I've found for more firsthand accounts and information regarding depression, etc.
These two have lots of videos and personal stories from teens and young adults

Health Magazine has a lot of slideshow types articles regarding caring for depression

Professional Mental Health Forum for answers and support groups

Somewhere to turn if you are considering suicide
or call 1-800-273-TALK

Here are some websites I've mentioned in my blog posts:
http://twloha.com/ (To Write Love on Her Arms org.)
http://mentalpod.com/ (Home to Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast/forum)