Friday, April 6, 2012

In the News: Too Much Focus on Happiness?

This short clip I stumbled across raises some interesting questions. If we are constantly focused on 'being happy' we could end up being miserable. I think often times we don't really have a clear idea of what being happy looks like for us. Being carefree is not truly a possibility as an adult (however, I did spend a fair chunk of my adolescence being miserable with depression, which I wish on no teen). And maybe just as often we really think others are so happy in comparison and they are not. I think the best we can do is be open and honest about our pain and try to lean on others for support.

At the same time, another thought being raised here: "Is happiness a choice?" This of course is something I struggle with so much. Mind over matter. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, however, sometimes my mind fights a losing battle with my depression. Then I think, "I'm weak, I don't deserve to be happy."

Unfortunately, this discussion was so brief, and I really think there's a lot more meat to it. I do like the suggestion of breaking it down to small, conscious choices to improve your mood. Some things I do are:

1) When a song is in my head, I like to find it and listen it, and sing along.
2) When I'm out and about, I try to smile at people and show patience.
3) If someone lets me cut in during traffic, they always get a wave :-)
4) I like something, I say something because why not share the good stuff?
5) If I need to be reminded there's good in world, I watch this

What are your 'happy' choices?

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  1. When I am feeling frustrated having to feed my dog in the morning, I always remind myself about Sylvester Stallone being so broke he had to give up his beloved dog just before he made Rocky because he couldn't afford to feed him. He ended up giving a bit part to the guy he gave his dog to, as part of the agreement to get his dog back!